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We’re glad you’re curious about who we are.  Waterlily Steel is a female-owned and operated Canadian company based out of Vancouver, BC.  We exist to bring you sustainable products to help reduce excess waste and to create a cleaner world.  A portion of your Waterlily Steel purchase is given to Rainforest Trust, an organization that we think is doing a lot to help ours, and our children’s futures, which is really important to us. 

While we are focused on the beauty and simplicity of our products, we get the job done right. You want a sizable 20 oz insulated tumbler that keeps your beverage at your ideal temperature, and you want to be able to bring your drink with you anywhere life takes you, and do so with some subtle style. That’s exactly what we want for you.  And that’s why we intentionally choose to design our products to be good looking, high performance, and good for the planet 


Care Instructions

Being made of stainless steel, our products are darn durable, but here’s how to keep your product in top condition.

Your Pleasure, Peace and Wellness

What exactly do we mean, our  brand represents pleasure, peace and wellness?

Our Partner: Rainforest Trust

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